Prank Gift Box

Prank Gift Box

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These prank boxes will keep your friends, family, and guests laughing for hours. There is no actual product inside, which makes it even more hilarious.  


  • Nap Sac 
  • My First Fire 
  • Roto Wipe
  • Bathe & Brew
  • Pet Sweep
  • Plant Urinal

THE NAP SACK Your own private oasis. Let the napper in your life see why Chillaxation Weekly proclaims the Nap Sack to be the best "Public Sleep Product." On the couch, in the house, by the pool, in your school, in the rain, at the game, you'll never nap the same! The Nap Sack Sleep Hood lets you take a nap, anytime... anywhere!

MY FIRST FIRE My First Fire is the perfect Prank Box for friends or family members with a toddler! With My First Fire, they'll be able to fan the flames of learning and ignite their child's imagination in the most brilliant way. Boredom, get ready to meet your match – because where there's smoke, there's fun!

ROTO WIPE This Prank Pack is perfect for everyone, because who wouldn't want a "wheel nice clean" after they're done in the bathroom? If you’ve got a friend who has to “go” a lot or is a germ-a-phobe, then this box is perfect. With the Roto Wipe, you'll never have to use toilet paper again! Comes with a 5 year or 10,000 flush warranty depending on which comes first.

BATHE & BREW Know someone who loves coffee, showers, and multitasking? We've developed the perfect prank box for this very special group of people. Introducing the new Bathe & Brew from the trusted brand Obe'Ir. This revolutionary new piece of technology actually brews your favorite ground coffee as you shower, at an amazing rate of one cup per 12 gallons of shower water.

PET SWEEP Think about it, these adorable pooches get treated like royalty. They are massaged and pampered all day long. They can nap whenever and where ever they feel like it. We do everything for them--from feeding them to picking up what comes out on the other side, and everything in between. It's about time those little furballs start pulling their own weight! This prank box is perfect for any animal lover!

FISH EYE: Trick the fishing lover in your life with this hilarious prank box! They’ll think they’re getting a new fangled gadget that will give them a perfect day of fishing.

PLANT URINAL:  Fool your friends until they pull their real gift out of this funny box. Plant Urinal is America’s number one choice to prank those with green thumbs or small bladders.


  • 11.25 x 9 x 3.25 (About the size of a giant phone book) 
  • Made in the USA
  • Hilarious white elephant gift
  • Burn calories while opening gifts
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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 15, 2021