Soap Dispenser

Soap or Lotion Dispenser I 10 oz. Bottle

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If you have family coming to visit and want to spruce up your guest bathroom, want to make your vacation rental more inviting, or just like to give little thank you gifts, this eco-friendly 10 oz dispenser is perfect. Add a little note telling them you are glad they came to stay and they can take their dispenser when they leave. 

This really is a thoughtful gift and will get used everyday—over and over and over—and won't break the bank! I give these to my kids' teachers, neighbors (they make adorable house warming gifts), brides to be, extended family as birthday and Christmas gifts, and fellow church members.

*There are no limits to the color or opacity of the liquid you choose. All other bottles and designs require you to use clear soap or sanitizer.

Here is a link to my favorite white soap:

*These bottles are ready made and cannot be customized.

*They do NOT come with soap, lotion, or ribbons. If you click on the link above, you will get a steal on liquid soap.