Magic Wand I Gift Box Included

Magic Wand I Gift Box Included

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Wands are powerful teachers. In the hands of those who are willing to listen and learn, a wand will help young witches and wizards reach their full potential. This is a delicate process and should not be done lightly, for choosing incorrectly could result in disastrous spells. Some wood and core blends will strengthen a witch or wizard's confidence, wisdom, and courage, while other combinations foster the gift of humility and kindness. Read through the descriptions carefully to help you decide which wood and core will best help you reach your true potential. *See note to parents below.

The time has come to choose a wand. Typically, the wand chooses the wizard, but these are desperate times and exceptions must be made. When you decide which wand you would like, consider the lives, abilities, gifts, and accomplishments of the witches and wizards who have owned these wands. 


  • Holly & Phoenix Feather - Inspired by Harry
  • Vine & Dragon Heartstring- Inspired by Hermione
  • Willow & Unicorn Hair - Inspired by Ron
  • Yew & Unicorn Hair (speculated) - Inspired by Ginny
  • Cherry & Unicorn Hair - Inspired by Neville
  • Ebony & Thestral Hair (speculated) - Inspired by Luna
  • Hawthorn & Unicorn Hair - Inspired by Draco Malfoy**
  • Rosewood & Veela Hair - Inspired by Fleur 
  • Yew & Phoenix Feather - Inspired by Voldemort
  • Hawthorn & Dragon Heartstring (speculated) - Inspired by Professor Snape
  • Fir & Dragon Heartstring - Inspired by Professor McGonagall**
  • Walnut & Rougarou hair (speculated)- inspired by Narcissa Malfoy


  • HOLLY (Harry Potter) If you are loyal, brave, humble, and willing to overcome every obstacle (despite the odds), then Holly is the wand that will serve you best.
  • VINE (Hermione Granger) Are you witty, smart, clever, kind, and level-headed? Vine will be your best match.
  • WILLOW (Ron Weasley) Do you have unwarranted insecurities that you often try to hide? The owner of a willow wand must take courage, for a true match possesses an abundance of humility, thus, the greatest potential for greatness.
  • YEW & UNICORN HAIR (Ginny Weasley) Are you a person who is a fierce protector of others? Are you quick on your feet, yet not boastful about your abilities? Then this wand is a perfect match.
  • CHERRY (Neville Longbottom's 2nd wand) Do you have a green thumb? Are you light on your feet? Are you shy, humble, and unassuming? If so, this wand can be your guiding star. For with it, you will find the courage to fight for what is right, and good, and true.
  • EBONY (Luna Lovegood's 2nd wand) If you have the courage to be yourself and hold fast to your convictions--regardless of pressure to conform, the Ebony wand will give you strength, comfort, and peace in times of distress.
  • HAWTHORN & UNICORN HAIR (Draco Malfoy) Do you come from a family of wealth and stature in your community? Are you unafraid to show contempt for those who you feel are inferior? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to please your parents? This wand was made just for you.
  • ROSEWOOD (Fleur Delacour) Do you possess natural beauty and have a kind and grateful heart? This wand is unmatched in empowering its owner with fierce family bonds, and an abundance of continual grace and beauty.
  • FIR (Professor Minerva McGonagall) Do you have an affinity to transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary? This wand will be the best fit for you. It should be noted that wands made of Fir wood have been known to help witches and wizards survive situations in which they are in mortal peril.
  • YEW & PHOENIX FEATHER (Lord Voldemort) If you strive to become the most powerful wizard of all time, instill fear in your worst enemy and gain followers that live to serve your every desire, there is no better choice.
  • HAWTHORN & DRAGON HEARTSTRING (Professor Severus Snape) Have you ever been bullied, only to rise up to greatness? Do you have little patience for foolishness? Are you an expert in the making and teaching of potions? Then, go with Hawthorn--it will serve you well.
  • WALNUT (Narcissa Malfoy) This wood prefers highly intelligent witches and wizards, those with pure bloodlines, and who possess a fierce love and loyalty to family. Please be mindful of its tendency to prefer the dark arts.

*NOTE TO PARENTS: If you have a kiddo who needs a boost of confidence, consider using these wands as a means to help them. Your child can use the "magical properties" in their wand to become brave like Harry, wise like Hermione, confident like Ron, comfortable with themselves like Luna, and so on. Pretend play is how children problem solve, and learn about the complexities of their little world, and these beautifully crafted wands are a fun way to help them gain confidence and explore the endless possibilities through creative play.