Bucket List . . . Africa, check!

Hello! This is me and my little family. Kinda hard to see behind all the words, but I'm not the greatest at webdesign and I'm running out the door to fulfill a childhood dream! From July 6th to the 24th, I will be on a humanitarian aid trip to Africa with my son! I am so excited to serve the people of Zambia for 2 weeks! I'll be sending an email in August with some sneak peeks for my fall line and insider exclusive offers, so be sure to sign up for that, if you haven't already.

My assistant, Torie, will be answering emails and filling orders, with one exception--personalized and custom items. If you have questions about custom orders, I will answer them as soon as I get back. Since I am the only one doing custom orders, I will get to them as soon as I get back. 

I hope your summer has been amazing thus far and the 2 months ahead will be filled with fun in the sun, a memorable vacation or two, and lots of family time.

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